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Islamists breach de-escalation zones agreements near Damascus, — source 

20 октября 2017
20.10.2017 - 15:34
Islamists breach de-escalation zones agreements near Damascus, — source 

Leaders of the illegal armed group «Faylaq ar-Rakhman» in Syria are not ready to cut off contacts with «Jabhat an-Nusra»* terror group in eastern suburbs of Damascus. Basically it is refusal to observe deescalation zone aagreements, reported RIA Novosti's source involved in negotiations with illegal armed groups.
«Situation in East Ghouta has been escalating recently. «Faylaq ar-Rakhman» is to be blame for that or rather their disinclination to cut off contacts with «Jabhat an-Nusra» terrorists, who call themselves «Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham»* now», — told the source.
According to him, «Faylaq ar-Rakhman»* leaders influenced by the terrorists refuse to observe terms of the agreement signed in Cairo on August 18th. The agreement apecifies joining deescalation regime and deblocking transport communications.
«As a result of that East Ghouta population experience serious lack of food, medicine and other essential goods. There are serious electricity and water shortages because repair crews cannot reach the region», — the source added.
«Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham»* and «Faylaq ar-Rakhman»* control south-western part of the eastern suburb of Damascus. There are villages to the North wich are being controlled by Astana-member oppositional group «Jayish al-Islam»*. It is also present in East Qalamun and in the Syrian South near Jordanian border at «Nasib» border crossing point.
«Unlike «Faylaq ar-Rakhman»*, «Jayish al-Islam»* leaders seem to observe their liabilities under the agreements. Members of these group and other oppositional forces in East Qalamun and near «Nasib» border crossing point take part in negotiations on passanger and cargo traffic renewal through regions contrilled by them. They do not associate themselves with «Аn-Nusra»* and observe ceasefire», — the source explained answering the question on ceasefire regime in the South of Syria which is partially controlled by «Jayish al-Islam»*.
On Friday it has transpired that illegal armed groups in eastern suburbs of Damascus confiscated all the humanitarian aid supplied by UN on September 24th with th assistance of Russian military and banned free sale of floor and essential food products in the controlled areas.
* terror organizations banned in Russian Federation.
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