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ISIS captures Druse hostages

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23.08.2018 - 18:13
ISIS captures Druse hostages

On July 25 during terrorist raid on Es-Souweyda settlements ISIS militants captured civilian hostages from civilians, at least 70 people.
Most of the captives are representatives of Druse community living in southern Syria, as well as in Lebanon and Israel. According to Druse elders there were 37 girls and women aged between 13 to 67 years among the prisoners of ISIS*.
From the very beginning it was clear that those ISIS members who retreated to the Syrian desert would use hostages for bargaining with the Syrian government. There were reports that terrorists wanted to get a multimillion-dollar ransom from Damascus. However, according to the latest information, in exchange for the captives, the militants were asked to release them from As-Safa plateau where they were blocked by government troops during a special operation.
At the same time it has been reported that the Druse hostages have long been on the territory of US-controlled zone «At-Tanf», in Wadi Rukban, where the eponymous refugee camp is located and the Syrian opposition's agroups are based, supported and protected by the Pentagon.
According to some reports the hostages are held by «Military Council of Er-Rukban» consisting of field commanders of such anti-government groups as «Liwa Shuhada El-Karjatein», «Usud Sharqiya», «Kuvat Shahid Ahmad Al-Abdo». Being hopeless about Damascus defeat, militants' leaders expect to use connections of Druses community to ensure their escape through Jordanian territory. In this case, it is likely that the Military Council of Er-Rukban soon declaresut has saved Druse hostages.
But another version seem more probable. Sources of Syrian intelligence services indicate that in a separate camp in the territory of Wadi Ruhrban there is a group of militants who participated in the terrorist raid on Es-Souweyda. Hostages are also held there.
Formally this territory is controlled not by the US military, but by those whom they call «allies» — groups based in the «Er-Rukban». According to Pentagon generals, Americans do not have anything to do with what's happening in the refugee camp and around it, but they allegedly guarantee absence of ISIS in the area around At-Tanf.
However, the «allies» of the United States from associated with «Syrian Free Army» armed groups hiding in At-Tanf do not conceal the fact that involve ISIS members, although they seem to be «former» ones. In the past, terrorist raids on Palmyra, East Kalamun and Abukemal were repeatedly carried out from At-Tanf.
Those who attacked As-Souweyda on July 25 have also come from there. In fact, there is a terrorist nest under the wing of the Americans. It's where prisoners are held, since there will not be a more secure place for keeping ISIS' hostages.
In the case innocent people die the blame will be laid on terrorists, as well as Damascus and its partners, who could not agree on saving the Druses. The US involvement in diversions and terrorist attacks in Syria will not be proven.
* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.
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